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Estate Planning Changes Makes Gift Givers Regretful


The Tax Act of 2010 put in to play a lot of changes for people, especially the wealthy, said a New York Estate Planning Lawyer. Those that had any significant wealth in their estate planning process wanted to make some donations before 2011. The initial tax on estate planning gifts was set to go up, but at the last minute President Obama signed an extension of the Act which allowed for lower tax rates for an additional two years.
While the Tax Act of 2010 has a lot of wealthy people breathing a sigh of relief, others aren’t so much. Those who followed estate planning advice and took advantage of the tax rates at 35% before 2011 are suddenly sorry they took that advice. While getting your gifts out ahead of the new tax law seemed smart, now it doesn’t. Before the Act was signed, they were allowed gifts of up to $1 million dollars without heavy taxation. After the Act and through 2012, that gift is $5 million dollars, said a New York Estate Planning Attorney.
Some gift givers feel like they were slighted and want their estate planning money back, so they can “re-do” the gift. Some feel like they gave it away too early, or might not have given it away if they had known the tax breaks would be extended. The NYork Estate Planning Lawyers and experts did not know that the President would be making an extension until shortly before it happened, well after they had already doled out advice to hundreds and thousands of people.

If you or a loved one is having trouble with the tangle of tax laws, a New York Estate Attorney is ready to help you. You want to avoid all the legal troubles that come with money, or at least make them less problematic. Your best possible ally in that endeavor is a NYC Estate Attorney.

A New York City Estate Planning Attorney can help settle matters related to any estate. They are trained to handle financial questions regarding gifts and taxation. A New York Estate Planning Attorney can give advice on any situation you may be facing in the near future.

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