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Estate battle heating up between family, a New York Estate Planning Lawyer explains


Attempts to settle allegations between a 94-year-old’s new wife and the rest of his family have failed.

A lawsuit was filed against the San Antonio businessman’s new wife and a lawyer November 2009. The $15 millionaire died August 31, 2009 in his home. Family members have been asking questions that no one seems to know the answers to.

The dead businessman’s sister and her two children filed the suit after they found they would not receive any of their inheritance. Until several months after the man’s marriage, the man’s estate would have been divided between the three of them, expressed a New York Estate Planning Lawyer.

The lawsuit was filed to have the man’s final will overturned, a New York Estate Planning Atty commented. With the new will, the man’s wife and three charities would stand to receive the man’s entire estate. His family would be left with nothing. Records show that the final will was drawn up several months after the new marriage.

The suit states that the new wife and the lawyer worked together to take the older gentleman’s money. According to the lawsuit, the wife paid herself $37.500 a month salary. The lawyer was charging the man $980,000 in fees. It is unclear what those fees are other than having the man’s will changed, a New York Estate Planning Lawyer mentioned after reading the suit.

The family states that two doctors, who were paid by the wife, set the couple up. The man had dementia and the family believed they worked together to exploit the old man.

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