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Court Rules on Will Contest Between Mother and Daughter


A wife was named primary beneficiary and second wife of the decedent, and was named primary executor of all his estates in last June. But according to a New York Probate Lawyer,the decedent’s son, by previous marriage filed an objection on the last will and testament of his father claiming his wife exercised excessive and unlawful influence on his father and that the Will was executed with fraud. He filed an objection to his father’s will because he believed that the wife was not the rightful person to execute or manage his father’s properties and other cash and assets. Unfortunately no such evidence was found by the court and the wife was still and remained to be the sole executor of the husband’s will.

However, the wife went on and continued filing a case against the father’s daughter. The wife claimed that the daughter sent two letters to the father’s attorney and that both letters contained false accusations about her personality as well as her family’s reputation. They said letters were also sent to court as part of the evidence against the daughter. According to reports received by New York Estate Litigation Lawyer, the wife claimed that the daughter was objecting to the wife’s inheritance and the letters were her way to contest her father’s will. It was noted that the wife had already filed a previous case against the daughter to remove her from participating in her father’s estate. The court ruled in favour of the daughter saying that there was no sufficient evidence or any cause to bar her from such participation. That is why the wife again filed another case, still pursuing to remove the daughter from her father’s will and testament. The wife further claimed that the daughter and father conspired against her to remove her from being the executor of their father’s estate. However, the wife’s only evidence was the letters the daughter wrote and sent to the father’s attorney.

The daughter on the other hand, said that she only wrote those letters because she was asked by the father’s attorney for some background information on the mother and that those letters were never meant to hurt anybody or discredit anybody from anything. The court also said that it was also true that the daughter was not properly informed that her personal letters were going to be admitted as evidence against her in the court of law. A New York Will and Trust Lawyer was also informed that the daughter even signed a waiver and consent that her father’s will was valid and that the title as primary executor or beneficiary of his estate of properties were all executed legally and lawfully. These documents signed by the daughter with regards to her father’s estate and also with regards to her father’s chosen executor or beneficiary only made the mother’s defense stronger, strong enough to dismiss the daughter appeal to remove her from her father’s last will.

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