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Trust funds for pets a growing trend, reports New York Estate Planning Lawyer


Coming home from work and staring down at the loving, happy eyes of our faithful dogs and furry cats, many of us have never considered what would happen to them if we died. Who would care for them? What would their lives become? A New York Estate Planning Lawyer noted that the trend of pet owners leaving guardians and trust funds to their pets before they pass on is growing 

People who are responsible enough to have their affairs in order for their children when they die, or people who only have children with fur or feathers, are starting to realize that their relatives are not the only ones who will be affected in the event of their death, reports the New York Estate Planning Lawyer. In many cases, it is the relatives and people that they already know that they go to first when thinking about future care for their pets. According to the New York Estate Planning Lawyer, people that already know the animals are likely candidates for trusted guardians. 

Not everyone who leaves money to their animals has hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so, but they can actually work out suitable arrangements for their pets ahead of time, even if it is with relatives or friends. The arrangements run from very basic to highly detailed and drafted wills and trusts, explains the New York Estate Planning Lawyer, but the end result is that the individuals leave feeling comfortable with their decision to tie up one more loose end for all of their loved ones before they go.

Thinking about the future of your family and pets is easier when you have the guidance of a reputable New York Estate Planning Attorney. In the end, the choices that we make now will have a huge impact on those we love. Call a New York Estate Planning Attorney today and start planning for the future of your family.

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