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Tax Gift Rules Can Help Estate Planning


There is no inheritance tax for 2010, but that will not benefit most of us who plan to live to 2011 and beyond. The inheritance tax may or may not return in some form in 2011 – Congress hasn’t decided yet – but luckily, the gift rules remain pretty much the same, a New York Estate Lawyer reports.
Gifts of up to $13,000 a year per person to any number of people can be passed on without any taxes whatsoever. Married couples who file jointly can double the amount to $26,000. A Gift Tax Return has to be filed for any gifts over that amount.
That doesn’t mean a gift tax is involved. One can grant a million dollars in gifts, above and beyond the yearly $13,000 before the gift tax. Most people will never have to worry about that. There are a number of other exclusions and provisions regarding gifts and estates, which means reading up on IRS regulations is very important to make the most of your money, a New York Estate Lawyer notes. Lawyers in Brooklyn and Long Island are well versed in these new rules.
Gifts are not the only way to avoid paying extra in taxes. A 529 Qualified State Tuition Plan for educating a child can allow gifting a certain amount without triggering the gift tax. A Roth IRA for the kids can also be a good way to give money without triggering tax. Funding someone else’s benefits, up to the gift limit, can also be a way to pass money along, a New York Estate Lawyer reports.
Your money should be yours to give out as you like. A New York Estate Attorney can help you make that a reality. The law can be complicated, and a professional like a New York Estate Attorney can make it a great deal easier to deal with.

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