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Canadians on the Hook for US Estate Tax


Think that Canadians are exempt from paying estate tax? One New York Estate Planning Lawyer says you could be wrong. Even Canadians who have never so much has set foot on US soil are on the hook for estate tax in many situations, if they don’t take the right precautions in advance.
According to United States tax laws, the estate tax can be levied against any person, regardless of nationality, who owns “US situs property”. This ambiguous term can be applied on a number of different levels, but broadly means anything that exists (either physically, or in some cases hypothetically), within the borders of the United States. A New York Estate Planning Lawyer gave us some examples of what might qualify for the estate tax. An obvious example would be either a house or a tract of land. Less obvious candidates for this tax would be things like bonds purchased from the US government, or stocks in a company headquartered in the United States. Non US residents who own such property can be subjected to the estate tax at the same rate as a US citizen would be. Lawyers in Manhattan and Nassau Count will be glad to counsel their Canadian clients.
For this reason, it’s critically important that as a Canadian citizen you carefully evaluate your tax exposure well in advance. Because ties between the US and Canada are so close, it can be very difficult to sort out your assets, and make an accurate determination, so consider calling a New York Estate Planning Lawyer, who can help walk you through the process.
A New York Estate Planning Attorney can show you how to shift your tax liabilities over to a Canada-based holding company, which will help exempt your family from US tax liability.

If you or a loved one is having trouble with the tangle of tax laws, a New York Estate Attorney is ready to assist you. You want to avoid all the legal troubles that come with money, or at least make them less problematic. Your best possible ally in that endeavor is a New York Estate Attorney. Asking a loved one to call a New York Estate Planning Attorney now is a smart decision for your finances.The law offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates has caring New York Probate Lawyers that can help you plan your estate. Our New York Probate Lawyers can help you probate an estate, write a will or set up a trust. We have convenient offices in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Suffolk and Nassau County. We want to help you through what may be a difficult time with as little problems as possible and offer a free consultation at 1-800-NYNY-LAW (1-800-696-9529). Call us today to take advantage of this free consultation and speak to a New York Probate Lawyer from our firm.

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