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Court Determines if Loan is in Default


The plaintiff and appellant of this case is Gray Wolf Corporation. Gray Wolf Corporation is being represented by Warren B. Rosenbaum from Woods, Oviatt and Gilman, LLP. The defendant and respondent et al of the case is Gleason Estates Associates, LP. Gleason Estates Associates LP is being represented by Gregory J. Mascitti from Leclair Ryan. The case is being heard in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York in the fourth judicial department. The judges who are hearing the case are Martoche, JJ, Lindley, Smith, and Scudder, P.J.

About the Case

A New York Probate Lawyer said this case was started by the plaintiff as a foreclosure action and then moved to a summary judgment based on the complaint. The defendant of the case made a cross move for a summary judgment to dismiss the case altogether.

Case Facts and Findings

From the beginning of the case it is noted that the Supreme Court came to the proper conclusion that the defendant was not obligated to provide the defendant with specific financial statements. This is in accordance with the different documents that were signed by both the parties as well as signed by the parties and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Additionally, the court finds that the plaintiffs’ motion for a summary judgment on the foreclosure complaint was properly denied. Suffolk County Probate Lawyers said that on the records that have been provided to us there is an issue with whether or not the defendant was in fact default on the loan.

For the same reason as above, we have made the decision that the Supreme Court made a mistake when they granted the cross motion of summary judgment to the defendant to dismiss the case.

Court Rulings

Westchester Country Probate Lawyers said that based on the above findings and the information that has been provided to the court, we have modified the order that granted the cross motion for dismissal of the case to the defendant. We feel that this is the only error made in the case and we rule in favor of the plaintiff on this particular motion.

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