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Lawyer Removes Himself from Case


In this case Leslie Lerman and Lois Lerman were both plaintiff-s appellants. Summerhill Estates, Inc., Michele A. Keagle, Allen M. Robinson, Marleen L. Robinson and Adam C. Robinson are the defendants. Cayuga County is a defendant-respondent.


A New York Probate Lawyer said the representation for the appellants put forward a motion which requested that the appellants be given more time to perfect an appeal. The appeal referred to is from an order of the Supreme Court. It was originally logged in the County of Cayuga Clerk’s Office on July 1, 2011. The representation also asked for permission to remove themselves as the legal counsel of the appellants.

On December 8th, 2011 and December 20th of the same year, Alan J. Pierce, Esq. Wrote and filed an affirmation of proof of service. J. Ryan Hatch, Esq. also filed an affirmation which was dated December 19th of 2011. The affirmations submitted by these two were considered by the court in coming to its conclusion.


The court granted the motion that requested that Hancock Estabrook, LLP be allowed to remove themselves as the appellant’s legal representation. Bronx Probate Lawyers said an amendment was also made to the original order of the court which was issued in regards to the original appeal. The date that was originally listed on the order dated October 25th, 2011 as the deadline for perfecting the appeal was December 27th, 2011. That date was removed and replaced with the new deadline of March 5th, 2012.

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