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Massachusetts bill gives animal lovers option for putting pets in their wills


A new bill being introduced in Massachusetts gives people who love their pets a way to legally care for them after they die, according to a New York City Estate Planning Lawyer. Massachusetts is one of only 7 states in the US that, until now, had no such provisions made for people to leave trust funds to their pets should the owners die before their beloved animals. Now, that is all about to change. 

A New York Estate Planning Lawyer revealed, the previous bill required that the owners of the pets left the money to the people whom they selected to care for the animals, which essentially allowed them to spend the money on anything that they wanted. This new bill, however, names the animals themselves. 

High profile cases of excessive money being left to pets, such as when Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her lapdog, Trouble, have given the impression that these laws are silly or meant only for wealthy people to find a place to stash their money, said the New York Estate Planning Lawyer. But the truth is that people love their pets as much as they love their children and they want to have them cared for should something happen to them. 

Horses, for instance, are expensive to maintain and require a lot of food and other resources, added the New York Estate Planning Lawyer. No worthwhile pet owner would want to leave their precious animals to be sent to shelters to eventually die because no one can afford to keep them. Advocates of this bill say that it is a step in the right direction and is going a long way to encourage the safety and respectful treatment of companion animals. 

Pets play an important role in the lives of our families. A New York Estate Planning Attorney can assist you in making sure that your pets are cared for once you are gone. Call a New York Estate Planning Attorney today and find out about options for pet trusts and guardians.

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