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Jackson Estate Begins Work on ‘Planet Michael’, Says New York Estate Lawyer


New York Estate Lawyers have learned of a licensing deal between a Los Angeles company and the estate of Michael Jackson to create an online virtual world that will be known as “Planet Michael”.

The digital world will be part of the Entropia Universe, a massively multiplayer online game that currently has about 100,000 active users, run by a Swedish company.
The estate will work with the game publisher to get the game prepared for a late 2011 release, according to New York Estate Lawyers. It will allow fans to collect and trade virtual Jackson paraphernalia and earn credits by successfully passing challenges based on his music and dance moves.

This virtual world, like many others, will allow players to use real money to enrich their virtual accounts.

The CEO of the game publisher said the game play will focus on Jackson’s dance moves and will follow his belief in nonviolence, which will set it apart from other popular online multiplayer games. Charitable contributions will allow be enabled in the game.

“With Michael Jackson, we’re aiming at different game play,” he told a New York Estate Lawyer.

Jackson’s estate has grown a great deal since his sudden death on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50. A multiyear record deal based on unreleased recordings and a movie based on concert rehearsal footage has raised the estate’s assets by more than $250 million in the year since his death.

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