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Husband of Brittany Murphy Called a ‘Ghoul’, Says a New York Estate Lawyer


It has been alleged that Brittany Murphy’s husband siphoned away the deceased star’s back accounts in the months between her death and his own shocking passing, according to a New York Estate Lawyer.

Murphy’s business manager accused Murphy’s husband, a British movie maker of taking around 80 percent of his wife’s money after her death in December of 2009, sources told a New York Estate Lawyer.

“There were huge amounts of money in her pension plan and bank account, and all that’s gone”, the business manager told a New York Estate Lawyer. “I would see it on the statements. There was money being withdrawn by [Murphy’s husband], hundreds of thousands.”

Since Murphy’s husband has also passed away, any investigation into the matter is going to be slow to finish. Results are likely to be inconclusive, but New York Estate Lawyers keep themselves as informed as they can about the situation until it is resolved completely.

The passing of anyone can leave a lot of loose ends, especially when that passing is untimely. There may not be proper documentation or provisions left for the care of the estate. This is why it is so vital to secure the services of a New York Estate Attorney.

If the disposal of the estate is an important matter, a New York Estate Attorney can take all those loose ends and make sense of them so everything can be properly arranged, as close to the wishes of the deceased as possible.

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