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British Supreme Court Gives More Power to Prenups


The Supreme Court in Britain gave prenuptial agreements more sway in divorce cases, bringing their laws closer to those in the United States, according a New York Estate Lawyer.
A former banker made an appeal to the Supreme Court, which was dismissed, to partially disregard the agreement he signed with a wealthy German heiress before they married in 1998. The agreement stated that neither would profit from the wealth of the other.
This case was very important to British lawyers, since it would grant precedent to follow in future cases involving prenuptial agreements, which were very popular in the United States and the rest of Europe, according to a New York Estate Lawyer.
An attorney for the German heiress told a New York Estate Lawyer that the ruling “means prenups are binding as long as they are fair.” He added: “Everyone hopes their marriage will last a lifetime. From today we are allowed to prepare for the possibility that it might not be the case.”
The couple divorced in 2006. The banker had already quit his job to become a researcher at the University of Oxford. He asked the court for financial help, stating that he did not get the right legal advice when he signed the prenuptial agreement.
He was slated to get a substantial amount of money, but his ex-wife appealed that ruling. The court decided in her favor, and the former banker will now get a great deal less money for child support purposes, as well as a place in London so he can be closer to the couple’s two daughters.
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