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Americans Consider Married Gays as Families

For the first time since such things have been surveyed, a new book includes studies that determine a majority of Americans view same-sex couples as family, according to a New York Estate Lawyer. This inclusion also extends to a gay or lesbian couple, even if they are unmarried. The new publication also concludes that more people are willing to view homosexuality as a natural and inborn trait and its conclusion is corroborated by the New York Times.

That is not the end of the story, whoever. New York Estate Lawyers also noticed that some coverage of the study by the Associated Press also included this item of data: “There’s a solid core resisting this trend who are more willing to include pets in their definition than same-sex partners.” This solid core is about 30 percent. The lead researcher for the Associated Press commented upon this statistic to a New York Estate Lawyer: “The sheer idea that gay couples are given less status than pets should give us pause.”

Family matters are changing with the times, which means the law is going to have to change, as well. You’ll need a New York Estate Attorney to keep up with those changes. All families accumulate money and possessions over a lifetime together, and these things have to be properly deposed of when someone passes on. A New York Estate Attorney can untangle all the difficult legal matters to make sure you and your loved ones can follow the wishes of your family member, as he or she would have wished.

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