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$15 Million awarded to grieving family members of toll road crash, New York Estate Planning Lawyers report


The family members of one of the men killed in a 2005 Toll Road crash has just been awarded $15 by a federal judge reports New York Estate Planning Lawyers.
In a recent court order issued against Net Trucking, a judge awarded the estate and money to a wife and son of one of the deceased of the quadruple-fatal crash. The driver of the truck of Net Trucking Company was found to be driving while intoxicated at the time of the accident and the cases have been pending for years against him according to New York Estate Planning Lawyers.
The driver will have served 14 years in prison and spent 10 years on probation when his sentence is complete since admitting to causing the crash on the Indiana Toll Road near Bristol.
The driver of the trailer-tractor sustained no injuries in the 2005 crash. His rig, loaded with food, hit a slow-moving vehicle near a construction area, causing a chain-reaction crash, according to police reports. The crash killed four people ranging in ages 27 to 69 according to New York Estate Planning Lawyers
Net trucking was caught engaging in fraudulent, hiding both assets and conveying property a few months after the crash, according to court documents.
$6.7 million was awarded as compensatory damages for the victim’s wrongful death, $2.1 million for personal injuries to the wife and $6.3 million in punitive damages, according to court documents.
The driver is scheduled to be released from prison in September 2012, according to New York Estate Planning Lawyers.
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