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South Florida Woman’s Fight for Inheritance Ends Up in Bankruptcy Court


The niece of a deceased ice cream chain owner has ended up in bankruptcy court, indicated a firm of New York Estate Planning Lawyers.
It is her assertion that she is the rightful heir and administrator of the ice cream fortune – not the foundation to which the money has gone. She already made several attempts in New York, before filing personal bankruptcy in Fort Lauderdale, saying she had $32 million in litigation claims as her assets.
There are some who say it was a good idea, legally, for her to file bankruptcy. It may have held back some orders from the New York judges who are still overseeing her conflict with the foundation. Unfortunately for the would-be heiress, it did not quite go that way.
Currently, the woman would like to be released from the bankruptcy court. The foundation is attempting to have her case converted to a Chapter 7. A trustee was set up to oversee her estate. One reason this was allowed, sources informed, is that the litigant was not insuring her property. A significant piece of said property was her Fort Lauderdale home, which has been assessed at $1.68 million.
The litigant filed a personal Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February. She has no attorney representing her. At the time of the filing, she claimed to have only $614,000 in assets.
It is difficult to gather further information on the woman – New York Probate Lawyers were unable to contact her and her Fort Lauderdale house appears abandoned.
According to the litigant, however, someone killed her uncle in 1990, after he learned someone was stealing from him. She attempted to get her uncle’s body exhumed in 2007, but a judge denied her request.
The ice cream chain owner started with only one delivery truck and expanded to more than 800 stores by the time of his death. Now based in Atlanta, the company can boast more than 500 franchised and food service locations. NY Estate Planning Lawyers are advising clients in New York City and Staten Island to be aware of this situation and take care not to wind up the same.
The company is part of an even larger company that franchises and operates more than 3,200 locations with such famous names as Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s, and Auntie Annie’s Pretzels not only in the United States, but in 35 other countries as well.

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