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Court Orders Consolidation of Cases


In this case, Homewood Garden Estates, LLC is the respondent, while Dena Kirby is the Appellant.

The Case

In this case, the appellant moved to have other appeals consolidated. The two appeals in question were both logged in the Civil Court of the City of New York in Kings County. A New York Probate Lawyer said the respective dates of the two orders in question were January 6, 2011 and February 17th of the same year.

Papers where filed in order to support the motion, but not papers were filed which opposed the motion put forward to consolidate the previous cases in question.


First, the court ordered that the two appeals should become consolidated as requested in the original motion before it. However, it is also granted only to the degree that the appeals should be put on the same calendar in the court, and that the verbal arguments presented for each may be put before the court at the same time.

In addition, an extension was granted to the amount of time allowed for the appellant to perfect appeal No. 2011-1611 K C. The new date for perfecting the appeal was March 2, 2012. However, if that appeal is not perfected by the prescribed date, the appeal may be dismissed by the court. The respondent will also be given the option to serve an application in person to have the appeal dismissed on three day’s notice if March 2nd passes without the appeal being perfected.

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