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New Tax Law Changes the Game


The Estate Planning community is in a buzz over a new tax law approved by president Obama in late December of 2010. The Tax Relief, Unemployment Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010, or TRA 2010 for short, is a “game-changer,” one New York Estate Planning Lawyer is saying. In the past, the entire estate planning business revolved around estate taxes, and how those taxes were applied. In light of the new law, these taxes represent a much smaller hurdle to the industry at large. Lawyers in The Bronx and Staten Island are very aware that laws can change at any time.

If you are a New York Estate Planning Lawyer, and are considering giving your congressional representative a thank-you call, you are certainly not alone; but I would caution you to first read the fine print of the law. While no law is ever completely permanent, this law comes with an expiration date. After two years, the law is slated for review. If it is not reviewed and reinstated at that point, then estate tax law will effectively be reset to the levels present before the law was enacted.

On the other side of the equation, one New York Estate Planning Lawyer claims that this new law sounds the death knell for the Estate Tax in general. He contends that under the New TRA law, the value of collectible Estate Taxes is now so small as to be almost negligible, and would be a waste of IRS manpower to even bother to collect. Only time will tell whether the new law will act as a temporary tax relief mechanism, or as a stepping stone to Estate Tax repeal.

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