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Liberals and conservatives can agree? New York Estate Planning Lawyers give their take.


The late Anna Nicole Smith brought democrats and republicans together in her historical and controversial lawsuit, claims a New York City Probate Lawyer.

Smith had been married to billionaire J. Howard Marshall II for less than a year when he died. She claimed that he had promised her millions of dollars even though reports show he had cut the star out of his Will.

Smith reportedly tried to use her bankruptcy claim to over ride her late husband’s will and went on to claim that his son had manipulated the situation so he and the rest of the family would receive more money.

After the first round of verdicts on this case with just one judge, that ruled in Smith’s favor to the tune of $450 million, it became clear to court officials and liberals and conservatives the importance “That the constitutional guarantee that lawsuits will be decided by a fully independent and impartial judge.”

The second round of trials in Texas was more traditional with witnesses and an atmosphere that called Smith a liar basically. New York City Probate Lawyers called this trial “Hollywood style.” This would not be the case if this took place in Nassau or Suffolk County.

With this, new representation has been hired, “Mr. Davis, a liberal and former counsel to a Democratic president; Mr. Rivkin, a conservative and former counsel to a Republican president,” said a New York Estate Planning Lawyer.

Liberals, conservatives and the Supreme Court hope to find common ground with this case and make the right decision, concluded a Lawyer.

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