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Court Rules on a Will Contest Matter


This is a case regarding the Estate of Julia Eckart and the claims of her children regarding each of their shares in the inheritance. According to reports given to a New York Probate Lawyer, the children of the deceased filed a case against the last will and testament of their mother because of the insufficiency of their inherited amount against that of which will go to other people, entities and charities.

Unbelievably, according to Brooklyn Probate Lawyers, Julia Eckart left each of her children the amount of $50 each. According to her will, she also left no other cash or property to the rest of her surviving relatives. That is why the surviving children, Charlotte Anna Eckart, Frank Darmody and Frank Darmody filed a case in court that says that their mother made an excessive contribution to charity and that they were left with nothing except for the $50 each that were provided to them by her last will and testament. The rest of Julia Eckart’s estate, including her real and personal property have been assigned to the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, which is a non-profit corporation in Brooklyn, New York.

Reports that reached Bronx Probate Lawyers, the court thoroughly examined the case according to the petition filed by the children. There was also a similar case before when a grandson was expressly disinherited on the will that was left by his grandfather. This was the Cairo case which was a long and hardly fought battle in court which now became a source of other similar cases as well. But according to the court, there should be two elements present in a case before it can be ruled as excessive charity. First, there should really be the intension to give too much of her estate to charity. Second, there is the intention to disinherit immediate family members like the spouse or children by the one executing the last Will and testament.

In this case, it was proven that there was truly intent to give too much to charity because practically the Bible Watch Tower became Julia Eckart’s primary beneficiary. As for the second factor which is the intent to expressly disinherit her children, the court studied this angle carefully. Although there was a $50 inheritance, it is not the amount determined by law to which a person will already survive on a daily basis. That is why, after a long discussion and trial, the court was able to determine that the two factors were present to make this case an excessive charity.

The court will determine further the exact condition of the estate, its value and everything that will affect their ruling. They will do the proper accounting before determining the fair amount that will be given to Julia Eckart’s children as well as to the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

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