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Court Decision on Complex Probate Matter


The appellants of a probate case have filed for an objection against the original ruling of probate by the court. The court did not accept the objections of the appellants.

According to the objections of the appellants, they asserted that the surrogate court should have used its authority to decide on the matter of estate’s original probate due to the fact that another court already had previous jurisdiction over it. The appellants further argue that the original order for probate had already been settled in a foreign country. Such foreign proceeding was concluded by the court as possibly replicated in the city.

The decedent’s will was executed in the city in which the decedent, also known as the testator, has lived. That will and testament revokes all the previous wills that have been written by the testator. The will contains instructions on the funeral expenses and debt payments. The remaining assets after the previous expenses are deducted shall be awarded to the former wife of the testator and another party. The male respondent of this court proceeding was identified as the executor of the will.

Accoridng to a New York Probate Lawyer, the former wife and the daughters of the testator have filed objections. The appellants have declared that during the time of the testator’s death, he remains to be a resident of a foreign country. According to the appeal the testator executed his will in that foreign country by virtue of the proceeding.

However, based on the statement of the executor, majority of the testator’s properties are located within this city and not in the foreign residence. The documents presented have limited information regarding foreign law and proceedings.

Bronx Probate Lawyers said that the court received a certification from the foreign country that contains vital information. The document indicates that the testator was a resident of this country. The foreign court has also indicated in the document that an estate hearing was going on. Under that proceeding in foreign court, the executor and proponent of the case had rejected his rights.

In the same document, the foreign court also certifies that the daughters of the testators have filed petitions for unconditional declaration of acceptance. Due to the release of this information, the respondent of the case has informed the foreign court about the original probate of will. However, there was no current record of the will being sent to the foreign court. The certification has also indicated that the proceeding regarding the estate in question will no longer continue.

The court also notes that the appellant’s legal counsel has obtained a copy of a letter written to the respondent by the foreign court commissioner. The letter contained instructions that the daughters of the testator were authorized to manage the estate of the deceased in that country. The letter has named the testator’s daughters as the administrators of the estate.

The court has requested for a notarized copy of the letter. If the document is indeed valid, the will would revoke the past testament. The next step of that instance, according to a Staten Island Probate Lawyer, would have to be the filing of a legacy case. In that scenario, the daughters of the testator would have been declared as the rightful owner of one fourth of the testator’s profits from the estate.

Upon further review of the information and estate law, the court has found the letter of the justice commissioner to the respondent as evidence that the testator preferred to proceed with estate litigation in the city. However, it was also noted that the testator identified this city as his place of residence. The court ruled that the proceeding held in the foreign country was brought to the city in good faith. Thus, the court has affirmed its earlier order.

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