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Connecticut Probate Court System nears Surplus


Just a year ago the Connecticut probate courts were near being bankrupt. However, after the courts have been restructured the system is much more effective explains a New York Estate Planning Lawyer. The states probate system has its roots in the colonial era, but after the number of courts being halved, it now works better.
The NY Estate Planning Lawyer attended the Connecticut Probate Assembly’s Annual Meeting. It was explained that the courts have managed to save $1.2 million. This is much better than when they were almost bankrupt.
The court expects to be able to generate a $2 to $3 million surplus at the end of the 2012 financial year.
This improved financial position has happened just at the right time indicated a NY Probate Lawyer. There have already been cuts for the judicial branch budget. It’s expected that there will be more cuts in the future.
All of the elected judges celebrated the success that they have had this year at the annual conference. They also looked over some of the challenges that they will still need to resolve in the coming year.
Some of the issues raised included the president who said that he wanted to make it easier for parents to tackle addiction and mental health problems in children. He also wants to protect the children from other people who might prey on their naivety.
The members of the court reminded one another that they have a responsibility towards all the people that they represent. All the people that come before the court are important and must be treated correctly.
The Probate Court administrator explained that over two years, the court has managed to turn its fortunes around. It has improved distressing finances and even successfully navigated around some new legislation which might have put an end to the ancient probate system which started in 1666.
The president would like to introduce further training over the next year, and also update the practice book.
The judges and lawmakers have been praised for working together with one another to help reduce the number of courts, cut costs, and make the system profitable. They will try to emulate this in New York City and Long Island.

If a deceased family members estate is currently in probate then hiring a New York Estate Planning Lawyer will help to explain and manage the process.

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